Membership Subscription

Membership of CBN Alumni is open to all former students of SMK Convent Bukit Nanas who have attained the age of 18.

Benefits of joining Alumni:

  • The right to hold office and vote at any meeting
  • Networking opportunities
  • Alumni Events
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Staying Connected to Your Alma Mater

Subscription fee 2024 (RM30.00)
Payment via FPX RM31.00
(Inclusive of transaction cost RM1.00)
Payment via Credit or Debit card RM31.90
(Inclusive of transaction cost RM1.90)

  • Registered Alumni
  • Officially Launched
    28 Jun 2018
Membership Subscription (billplz)

Kindly please refer to your email for your registration number, or you can request via email from

Membership RM 31.00

Inspiring Alumni

Throughout CONVENT BUKIT NANAS‘s illustrious history, our alumni have demonstrated remarkable accomplishments.  In this section, we highlight the achievements of our thriving and exceptional alumni community. Take a look at all the inspiring stories our alumni have to share!


We hope to provide a platform for different types of events or programmes which will contribute and give back to both the school and society. Take this opportunity to reconnect with lost friends or participate in contributing to the school and society. You can show your support by checking out the services below this section!



Alumni are encouraged to join various committees. The committees offer members the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to CONVENT BUKIT NANAS.