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Inspiring Alumni

CONVENT BUKIT NANAS cultivates each student to her full potential and provides a wholesome environment for growth.

Inspiring Alumni highlights CBN alumnae, women of all generations and backgrounds who have made notable contributions to our society at large. Take a moment to look at each and every story our alumnae have to tell!

Please contact us if you know of any alumni who wish to have their story told, or if you know someone who would.

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Emeritus Professor Dato’ Dr Siti Zuraina Abdul Majid

It’s a name that is renowned in archaeological circles in Malaysia and around the globe, distinguished by unwavering dedication and groundbreaking discoveries. Emeritus Professor Dato’ Dr Siti Zuraina Abdul Majid has been credited for making significant contributions to Malaysia’s historical…

tan sri rafidah aziz

Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz

Virtual Event: Strive for a Fearless Future! Recalibrate your expectations (feat. Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz) In this era of uncertainty brought upon by the change in our economy, all of us surely have several anxieties and doubts about what the…