Bukit Nanas

“CBN At The Top” is one of Malaysia’s 30 convent secondary schools. It was designated a Cluster School of Excellence by the Malaysian Ministry of Education for its outstanding performance in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.

CBN old picture

The School Badge & Motto

School badges of the Convents of the Infant Jesus are used on five continents, from France to Bolivia to Malaysia.

The badge is red in the centre, framed by a silver band trimmed in gold. The colour red traditionally represents love, God’s Spirit of Love embracing the world.  To the right is the Holy Book.  This is the Bible for Christians, the Quran for Muslims, the Bhagavadgita for Hindus, the Dharmapada for Buddhists – whatever the teachings that form the basis of their faith in God. It is underlined for us in Malaysia by the principle of the Rukunegara.

On the left, is the Distaff and Spindle; which represents labor.  As we pursue our ideal of work, we are proud to be associated with the thousands of girls from different cultures, ages, and times who have embodied this noble tradition. We each have our own role to play in creating a harmonious world.  In Malaysia, the Shield is crowned by a Golden Star and surrounded by Marguerites bearing a motto:


Simple in Virtue” means being open and honest with others so that we can live in a spirit of family togetherness. 
Steadfast in Duty‘ implies an awareness of our duty to serve others. 

Marguerite garlands symbolise purity and simplicity towards God and neighbour

Convent Bukit Nanas

School Song

CBN School Song (English Version)

The shining star of my life
You will always glow within me
And through me you will shine forth
A new light others will follow

With us your memory will stay
You will always light the way
Show us our strengths and our hopes
CBN our star forever more.

So hear our song sung with spirits strong
We, the girls of CBN today
Will lift up our motto and strive to be
Simple in virtue, steadfast in duty
So hear our song sung with spirit strong
We, the girls of CBN today
The youth of tomorrow, we promise to be true
For CBN, we love you


Sinar Bintang hidupku
Bercahaya di sanubari
Sering bergemerlapan
Pancar sinar untuk semua.

Ingata’kan bersemi
Kerana kau penyuluh hidup
Tunjukkan harapan teguh
CBN, Bintang abadiku.

Dengarlah suara semangat waja
Kami insan CBN kini
Teruskan cita dan usaha
Tulus dengan fadilah, azam dengan bakti
Dengarlah suara semangat waja
Kami insan CBN kini
Bakal pemudi harapan negara
Kerana CBN, kau tercinta

Lyrics by:
English – Eileen Lau
Bahasa Malaysia – Puteri Zalina


1899 - 1907Rev. Mother St Andre
1907 - 1911Rev. Mother St Augustine
1911 - 1923Rev Mother Tarcisius
1923 - 1951Rev. Mother Adele
1951 - 1957Rev Mother Pauline
1957 - 1965Rev Mother Xavier
1965 - 1966Rev Mother Aidan
1966 - 1976 Rev Mother St. Brede
1976 – 1979Mrs. Chee Phui Lay
1979 – 1993Mrs. Indrani Manuel
1993 – 1999Mrs. Vimala Matthews
1999 – 2004 Mrs. Alice George
2004 – 2010Mrs. Ann Khoo
2010 – 2014Mrs. Mysterical Ros Fernandez
2014 – 2017Mrs. Nirmala S.S. Nathan
2017 – 2023Mrs. Rosemand A. Lawrence
2023 - Mrs Audrey Lim Bee Yoke