Save Our Alma Mater, CBN — Marina Yong

Original Post: Malay Mail – Monday, 19 April 2021:

The old girls of SMK Convent Bukit Nanas (CBN) are greatly alarmed at the news that the land lease for their alma mater, which is expiring in September 2021, has not been renewed by the Land and Mines department.

A judicial review of that decision is taking place on April 19th.

In support of the review, an online signature campaign is being organised to petition for the renewal of the lease.

The school has an illustrious history producing some of the nation’s finest citizens including the current serving governor of Bank Negara, the Queen of Selangor, Dr Farrah Hani (former Malaysian gymnast), to name a few. This 122 years of contribution to nation building cannot be undervalued nor disregarded. CBN and the buildings it occupies is a part of Malaysia’s history and would not be the same if it was relocated elsewhere.

Countless girls have passed through its corridors and countless more will want to because the school represents all that is good in education — moulding young ladies in selflessness, the cultivation of a sense of duty, the pursuit of academic excellence and meaningful non — curricular activities.

Its history lends an aura that cannot be substituted for.

The history of Malaysia has many varied influences. That is what makes the culture and peoples of this country unique.

Not renewing the land lease endangers that history and would cast an unfavourable view of the authorities.

There will also be deep sorrow at the loss of such a precious part of our history.

It is hoped that the L&M will reconsider its decision and grant the lease to be renewed for a long period of time so that the school can continue to produce the nation’s finest.

* Marina Yong is president of the CBN alumni.

Save our alma mater, CBN — Marina Yong.
by Yong, M. (2021, April 19), Malay Mail.

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