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The Bungwak Run is a highly anticipated event organised by a group of passionate Malay College Old Boys, aimed at establishing a long-standing tradition that benefits both MCKK and its esteemed Alumni. This year, the event has extended its warm invitation to CBN Alumni, making it an occasion to remember. Our presence will undoubtedly elevate the excitement of BWR23 while fostering stronger bonds and nurturing the camaraderie among all participating alumni.

Date: 6th August 2023 | Time: 7:00 AM | Venue: Padang Big School, MCKK

The Bungwak Run is in a relay run format, where teams consisting of three (3) members will take turns to complete six (6) laps of the race course. Each dedicated runner will run two (2) laps of the 1.6km (1 mile) route, amounting to a total distance of 9.6km.

The following information has been taken from https://bungwakrun.com 2023:


  1. This is a team relay. Each runner in the team must take turns running one (1) lap of the Run Course, until the team completes six (6) laps. Each lap starts and ends at the “Start/Finish” line.
  2. The current runner for the team will be carrying a Baton. This Baton must be passed on to the next runner within the transition zone.
  3. A team is deemed to have completed their Run when six laps have been completed in the correct order of runner.
  4. The first three teams from each category to complete the Run will be awarded the first, second and third place trophy.
  5. Participants must run on the designated path for the entire route.


  1. Finisher medals will be awarded to each team after the completion of the run and upon returning the baton / timing chip.
  2. Registered participants/teams who do not turn up on event day will be disqualified and are not entitled to finisher medals.


Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 teams for each category (open, alumni, veteran & student) during the prize presentation ceremony which will be held at 11am (after OBW traditional rugby match)


  1. Batons will be distributed on event day commencing at 6.00am and all team captain are required to collect their batons by 7.00am or 30 minutes before the flag-off time. Latecomers will be disqualified from the run without notice.
  2. Please note that there will be strictly no distribution of batons after 7.00am.
  3. The event will be flagged off at 7.30am sharp. Participants who run without batons will be disqualified.


There will be a refreshment station located near the starting point. Mineral water will be available to all runners.


  1. Ample parking is available alongside Jalan Tun Razak facing the Big School field, FREE of charge. Strictly no parking allowed inside the school compound.
  2. You are advised to arrive early at the venue.
  3. You are also encouraged to car pool with your team members.
  4. Please do not park your car indiscriminately.


  1. Refreshments will be served after the run.
  2. In order to keep the area clean, littering is strictly prohibited. Please dispose all rubbish into the garbage bags provided to facilitate the cleaning up process.
  3. If you wish to have your group photograph taken, kindly ask our photographer on duty for assistance.

CBN Alumni is proud to sponsor the registration fees for two (2) teams in this run. Transportation, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the participants. Six (6) registered alumni members on a first come first serve basis will be able to take part in the exciting run. To take part, fill the below form

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